Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation In Newcastle

Are the properties Air Conditioned?

Not all of our properties feature air conditioning.

Properties without air conditioning always have some other form of cooling, such as ceiling fans, pedestal or box fans.

You can view the properties that provide air conditioning.

Is off street parking provided?

Not all of our properties provide off street parking.

On street parking in Newcastle East is limited.

You can view the properties that provide off street parking.

Are pets allowed?

Well behaved pets are allowed in our terraces which have a courtyard.

You can view the properties that cater for pets.

Is a Deposit Required?

A deposit is required to confirm your booking.

The amount of the deposit will generally be equal to the first night accommodation charge. The deposit is not refundable if you cancel your booking or fail to turn up for checkin.

Depending on the circumstances, we may allow you to transfer your deposit to another booking.

Accommodation Options

By Number of Bedrooms or Guests

Select your accommodation by the number of bedrooms or by specifying the maximium number of people to be accommodated.